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Should I Be Scared of Coronavirus?

Large image of coronavirus over a crowded street

Should I Be Scared of Coronavirus?

There are a lot of different opinions out there right now surrounding the new 2019 COVID Coronavirus and how dangerous it is. We are told it is deadly but also told we should be much more concerned about the seasonal flu. So which is it? Should we be worried about the new Coronavirus or not?

While it is true that your chance of getting the flu right now in the United States is much higher than your chance of getting the COVID-19 coronavirus, this new strain of coronavirus is potentially more dangerous if it becomes an epidemic here like it has in other countries such as China. There are deaths outside of China now and there is no sign that the COVID-19 Coronavirus will stop spreading soon. In fact, the Director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, Dr. Nancy Messonnier, said on Feb. 25th, 2020, it is not a matter of if the new coronavirus becomes an outbreak in our country, but a matter of when, and said “the disruption of daily life might be severe” (Health Officials Expect U.S. Coronavirus Outbreak: ‘It’s More a Question of When‘.

How Bad Will Coronavirus Get?

It is impossible to know exactly how far and how fast the COVID-19 coronavirus will spread. It is not slowing down however and is spreading to more countries and more localities. It can be carried for over 3 weeks without any symptoms which gives people plenty of time to travel and spread it to others. There are some estimates that this will mean it spreads all over the world and will become common in future years. Cold and flu season could become cold, flu and COVID-19 coronavirus season.

What is the Biggest Threat From Coronavirus in 2020?

The biggest danger from the COVID-19 coronavirus is that it can be carried by someone with no symptoms for weeks. 14 day quarantines have been implemented already in China, the United States and Japan but now in February 2020, doctors have discovered the incubation period can be up to 27 days. That means that people thought to be healthy could be carrying the virus and spreading it for weeks before they get any symptoms. This has already happened in multiple instances in countries like Italy, Germany, South Korea and Indonesia. These silent carriers could be in the United States right now. There are also people who have been infected but never get seriously ill. They may never know they have coronavirus vs another virus like a cold or flu and therefore they may not seek any medical treatment. They could be spreading coronavirus for weeks and never even know it. This long incubation period and the fact that some people only get mild symptoms gives the COVID-19 coronavirus a path to travel all over the globe.

What is The Death Rate From Coronavirus?

The death rate from the COVID-19 coronavirus is thought to be about 2% right now but that number could change as more information is gathered. The death rate from seasonal influenza is about 0.1%. The flu has killed many more people than coronavirus but that could change if coronavirus is not contained and it becomes a real pandemic. An epidemic like Ebola or SARS with much higher death rates will burn itself out sooner since it is so severe. A lower death rate means more people survive to pass it on and some may only have mild cases and not even know they have it.

What Will Happen if Coronavirus Becomes An Epidemic in the United States?

If Coronavirus become an epidemic in the United States like it has in China, drastic measures would need to be taken to minimize it’s spread. Schools may need to be shut down. Some workplaces may be shut down or people encouraged to work from home. Travel will likely be further restricted to prevent spread of the virus. The United States is already prohibiting visitors from China. As the virus spreads to epidemic status in other countries, travel from those countries to the United States would be restricted or prohibited.

There is already impact from the coronavirus even though the number of infected persons in the United States is still low. Manufacturing in China is being affected. Travel to China for business has been affected or canceled. As these effects become more widespread, the economic impact will increase. The stock market will likely be affected.

How Many People are Likely to Be Infected By COVID-19 Coronavirus?

There are some predictions that this new coronavirus could be unstoppable since it is less deadly than other coronaviruses such as SARS. Since it can be a mild condition in some people, it will spread much further since many people who have it won’t know they have it or seek medical attention. Unlike Ebola or other very deadly conditions, it will not kill off  most of those infected and burn itself out quickly. It is much more deadly than flu but it is also much less deadly than SARS and has an extremely long incubation period. Coronavirus could become a common infection all around the world. A Harvard professor or epidemiology Marc Lipsitch says in a February 24th 2020 article in The Atlantic that he suspects COVID-19 will not be contained.

When Will There Be A COVID-19 Coronavirus Vaccine?

It usually takes years to decades to develop a brand new vaccine. A vaccine has to be developed, then tested extensively for safety, than manufactured and distributed. There are estimates now that a vaccine for COVID-19 will be available in 12 months at the very soonest. Therefore, I would not count on a vaccine to protect me from coronavirus. In the next year I would personally expect COVID-19 coronavirus to be present in our communities so I want another way to prevent it from affecting me.

What Can We Do to Protect Ourselves From COVID-19 Coronavirus?

The basics are well known:

  • Wash your hands
  • Avoid crowded places
  • Avoid sick people
  • Avoid travel
  • There are mixed opinions about wearing masks with some saying they are useful and some saying they don’t do much.
  • Don’t touch your eyes, nose and mouth as all of these can be pathways for the virus to enter your body.

Consider Working From Home

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Natural Anti-Viral Supplements Proven to Fight Other Coronaviruses And Influenza

There are not complete studies yet on treatments for the COVID-19 Coronavirus. There are many supplements proven effective against other deadly strains of Coronavirus such as SARS (Savere Acute Respiratory Syndrome) and MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) . Both these strains of coronavirus caused great panic in the past much like COVID-19 is now. Supplements such as monolarin have been shown to work against these strains of coronavirus. If you are interested in learning more about these supplements, and seeing links to the studies please check out this review: Supplements For Coronavirus Protection?

These supplements are effective against influenza and other viruses like the common cold so you can help your immune system fight off whatever bugs you are exposed to.

Can Our Pets Get the COVID-19 Coronavirus?

No, our pets cannot get the new COVID-19 Coronavirus at this time. It would have to mutate again to be able to be passed from humans to pets. However, there are other strains of coronavirus that commonly affect pets just like there are common strains of coronavirus that affect people and cause what we might think is just a cold. For more information on canine and feline coronaviruses please read this post on our sister site,

So Should We Be Scared of Coronavirus?

At this time the risk from the seasonal flu is still greater than that of coronavirus unless you are located in China or parts of Asia where it is taking off such as South Korea. Here in the United States as of February 2020, the seasonal flu is much more of a threat. That could quickly change however, as the virus is spreading around the world and more cases are found here. Now that we have learned the incubation period is much longer than previously thought (and very much longer than that of other viruses like influenza), the opportunity for a serious pandemic has increased. There are carriers who have been traveling and spreading the virus unknowingly and without showing any symptoms. Even the 14 days quarantines enforced by many countries may prove ineffective as the incubation period can be much longer.

I am not scared of Coronavirus yet but I am getting prepared so that if it gets bad I will be prepared.

For the latest information on COVID-19, please visit for more information.

If you have any thoughts or questions, please leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you.



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  1. Stephanie

    It has been spreading quite fast ever since it started being more consistent. Right now, in my country there has been one “emergency alert” regarding an individual, but it has not been confirmed nor denied that it is in fact the virus. We’ve had deadly viruses before, but I don’t recall them being this dangerous as some of the past few ones. 

    1. admin

      Hello Stephanie,

      This is much like SARS but ironically the lower death rate means it can spread further and is more likely to come to our part of the world, not matter where we are. Luckily the death rate of this coronavirus is much lower than SARS.



  2. Thomas S.

    This is actually the first thing I’ve read on the CoronaVirus.  Yeah, I have seen it on TV, but haven’t paid much attention.  Definitely going to kick up my vitamin intake and pay attention to washing my hands and such.  I work in a very public place, so who know what is being carried in and out of there.  Finding more and more cases here in the U.S. so I think it’s just a matter of time before it could go rampant.  Pray it doesn’t, but never hurts to be prepared.  It would be disastrous for our economy to go on some sort of lock down from businesses etc…  Better start taking your vitamins!

    1. admin

      Yes Thomas. The economic impacts have already started though we don’t have many cases in the U.S. yet. There are car manufacturing plants that shut down in China, textiles that are normally ordered from China cannot be now, businesses are canceling conferences and meetings in China. Schools are shut down in several countries already and I am sure more will be coming. There is concern the Olympics will be affected as well. Some international sporting events have already been canceled. The affects will be very widespread. 

      Thanks, I hope you get some immune boosting supplements. 


  3. Boniface-AndroidBix

    Hello Jessica,

    Coronavirus indeed has come with its share of scare to the general world population. What I’ve discovered from your informative post is also that it’s now confirmed to be taking almost 4 weeks for full incubation in some people. That’s quite scary since carriers would have moved around and caused the risk of transmission to healthy people. 

    The common influenza virus is often contained using home remedies like an immunity-boosting concoction of olive oil, ginger, garlic, honey, and lemon. Could the Coronavirus be fought the same way as we wait for the vaccine? The human body is designed to fight off almost anything foreign (including cancer) given the right environment.

    1. admin


      It is possible to boost our immune systems and fight things off but little is known about the COVID-19 coronavirus yet. For more information on supplements that have proven effective against coronaviruses, you can see my other post:

      Thank you,


  4. Gomer

    You have mentioned Monolarin as a good supplement against Coronavirus. I’d like to ask if there’s a duration for taking this supplement and if that duration ends, what’s the next supplement to take? I ask this because I was told by a medical practitioner that humans tend to develop immunity or our body getting used to the supplements to take making them inefficient after the said duration. Like for example, when I first took Reishi mushrooms, I noticed the effects only in the first weeks of taking but after several months I no longer see positive effects.

    1. admin

      Hello Gomer. I do not know the answer to your question but many people take monolaurin long-term. They claim it works well. I take it every day also. There are other supplements you can take for coronavirus protection. I have a new post about this here:

      Thank you,


  5. Parameter

    Like you rightly outlined, the major challenge is the probability of carrying COVID-19 for good 14 to 27 days without knowing. This will really help the outbreak and help transfer this deadly disease faster than we expect.
    I never knew that there is a supplement that can help build body immunity against influenza, thanks for highlighting this.
    This will be handy for me and my family

  6. Patrick

    Hello there, I don’t know if I should be scared of this or not but from what I have heard and seen it’s certainly terrifying, this new coronavirus, like the 2003 SARS epidemic, originated in China’s live food markets, where animals, both wild and domestic, are crammed cheek to jowl with the human population — a disaster waiting to happen. We have very similar markets here in California, as does New York City, posing serious threats to all concerned. Animals are routinely stacked four and five deep, without food or water, many butchered while fully conscious. California annually imports some two million non-native bullfrogs for human consumption. Most are commercially raised in China and Taiwan. God only knows what these frogs have been exposed to before shipment. So it’s normal for one to become scared of this. 

  7. Parveen

    Yeah, I have seen it on TV, but haven’t paid much attention.  Definitely going to kick up my vitamin intake and pay attention to washing my hands and such.  I work in a very public place, so who know what is being carried in and out of there. The common influenza virus is often contained using home remedies like an immunity-boosting concoction of olive oil, ginger, garlic, honey, and lemon. We will use supplement suggested by you to boost our immunity. 


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