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Top Immune Boosting Supplements

Coconut oil in glass jar with scoop

Coconut Oil Contains Lauric Acid. It is Concentrated and Combined with Glycerol to Form Monolaurin, a Top Immune Boosting Compound.

Top Immune Boosting Supplements

Immune boosting supplements rock! Zicam which has the active ingredient of zinc great at stopping a fresh cold in it’s tracks. Monolaurin is made from highly concentrated lauricidic acid in coconuts and is a great immunity booster for all purposes. These are my recommendations for top immune boosting supplements.


I am amazed at how well Zicam works to stop a cold for me. The key with Zicam is to take it right away when you first feel the slightest hint you are getting sick. If you are suddenly sneezing and you know you might be getting sick, pop a Zicam and stop it in it’s tracks. Have a runny nose and suspect you caught your family’s bug or co-worker’s germs? Time for Zicam. Just dissolve one in your mouth and you are done. Zicam comes in many flavors such as cherry, orange cream (my favorite) and lemon lime. I do not use the nasal swabs anymore since there are reports they can damage the sense of smell. I don’t know how big of a danger that is, but better to be safe than sorry so I stick to the quick dissolving lozenges. Another reason I prefer the orange cream flavor is that it is one of the Zicam Ultra varieties which contain 2 form of zinc. Regular Zicam contains only 1 form. The combination of 2 kinds of zinc (Zincum Aceticum and Zincum Gluconicum) seems to work more effectively to stop a cold.

How Does Zicam Work?

The active ingredient in Zicam is zinc. When you dissolve it in your mouth, the zinc acts to disrupt cold viruses. That action is not immune boosting per se, since it is not boosting your body’s immune system but taking out the virus directly! Zinc is also good for the immune system however. Therefore, Zicam has the double benefit of providing an immunity boost for your whole system while killing cold viruses! Long term use of zinc has been shown to reduce incidence of catching colds in the first place.

Most common colds are caused by the rhinovirus which lives in the throat and nasal passages. When Zicam is taken by dissolving a lozenge in the mouth, the zinc in Zicam prevents the viruses from attaching to the throat, prevents the viruses from replicating (reproducing), and also prevents the release of histamines which can make us feel lousy when we have a cold with swelling, sneezing and all the typical symptoms.

Zicam As Anti-Inflammatory

Whenever I took Zicam for a cold, I noticed my bursitis and inflammation would be better. It seemed odd but after years I finally did some research and learned that zinc is an anti-inflammatory and prevents the release of histamines which cause swelling! I was not imagining this benefit and it wasn’t just a coincidence. There are more affordable ways to get zinc, but Zicam is certainly handy and I would keep it on hand in case a cold virus pops up. Zicam is more effective than other forms of zinc for colds.

Are There Side Effects From Zicam? How Should It Be Taken?

There can be some mild side effects from taking Zicam. Most common is an acidy stomach if you are sensitive. This is easily avoided however by taking Zicam after a meal. As long as I eat a meal or snack first, I am fine.  It also has an unusual taste, but depending on the flavor I don’t mind it. I prefer the orange cream flavor. It tastes best to me and has the least aftertaste. Some of the others can leave a bitter aftertaste.

For full effectiveness, make sure you follow the instructions. don’t have any citrus for a half hour before or after, and don’t drink anything including water for 15 minutes after so it can work without getting washed away.

Lauricidin,  One of the Best Immune Boosters

Do you get sick often and dread the next bug coming around? I have a strange mix of immunity issues and I never know if my immune system is going to be super sensitive and attack me or if I will fall victim to the latest bug going around the office. My naturopathic doctor recommended I take Lauricidin which is a brand of monolaurin, for general immunity. He specifically said to take the Lauricidin brand since it is more concentrated than other monolaurin supplements and has  a well proven track record.

It really works! It seems very benign. I don’t feel or notice anything when I take it, but whenever I run out or stop taking it, I get sick! I know now to just keep taking it. It really helps fight off all the random cold and flu viruses and so much more that we are exposed to from co-workers or kids in school, or just being out in public during the winter season.

What is Lauricidin?

The active ingredient in Lauricidin is lauric acid which is derived from coconuts and combined with glycerol from plants. When these are combined they form monolaurin which is a monoglyceride. You cannot simply eat coconuts to get monolaurin, so a supplement is needed. Monolaurin is a component of breast milk, but is made from all plant materials when used in supplements. Lauricidin brand is more effective than many other brands of monolaurin because it is highly concentrated and also the most pure form available. If you chose monolaurin capsules instead you would have to take 10 standard 300 mg capsules  to equal 1 scoop of Lauricidin which contains 3000 mg monolaurin. I have tried other brands but don’t want to take so many extra capsules each day to get the same effect. I am not going to take 20 capsules per day! I only have to take 2 little scoops of Lauricidin.

How Do You Take Lauricidin?

Lauricidin comes in a tub which contains small white pellets. There is a scoop in the tub for easy measurement. You put a scoop of them in your mouth and swallow with water. They have no taste if you take them this way. Do not let them sit in your mouth or try to chew them however. They have a very bitter taste if you do. Just swallow them down without chewing and your won’t taste a thing though.

How Does Lauricidin Work? What Does It Do?

Monolaurin, the active ingredient in Lauricidin disrupts the outer layer of a virus and prevents the virus from attaching to your body’s cells. It works the same way with bacteria and fungus (yeast) as well! So, Lauricidin helps us stay healthy by fighting off viruses and much more. Many drugs such as antibiotics only work on bacteria for example or an anti-viral may only work on viruses. It is great to have one product that works on all three types of invaders.

Because of the way monolaurin works, the potent dose in Lauricidin can fight off fungal yeast infections such as Candida albicans as well as the common cold and flu viruses. It also works on staph and strep infections and even swine flu! Whatever is out there lurking around, Lauricidin can help protect you. It can even help fight the HIV virus and measles.

Are There Side Effects From Taking Lauricidin?

I have not noticed any side effects. I started with the recommended small amount and worked my way up over a few days. I have never had any side effects from it. Some people could have side effects from a die off of bacteria when starting Lauricidin. That is why it is recommended to start with a smaller amount and work your way up.

Give Immune Boosters Zicam and Lauricidin a Try

Zicam and Lauricidin are made from natural substances and provide general health benefits as well as boosting immunity. If you want a top immune boosting supplement, why not give Zicam or Lauricidin a try?

Please leave me your comments or questions below! I would love to hear from you.


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  1. Abraham Kidane

    Thank you for the information about Lauricidin. I am not familiar with this product though it seems it has a great advantage taking them consistently. Most of the time I encounter running nose and sneezing, I just use Ginger powder and mix it with hot water and a spoon of sugar. Even though this is better for me and keeps using it for a long time, but it is only I can make it T home. But the product you are introducing me is portable and I can have it anytime I want. I think I have to try them.

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Hello Abraham,

      Your ginger drink sounds really good! Unfortunately, I am allergic to ginger. I am sure it is beneficial for you. If you want a general supplement to help fight all sorts of viruses and bacteria, Lauricidin is a good choice.

      Thanks for your comment!

  2. Dave

    I used to preach the benefits of Zinc Lossenges, especially when you start developing the symptoms of a cold (sore throat), but then they stopped selling them at our local drug store. I’m going to have to check this ZiCam out.

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Hello Dave,

      I have tried Vit C, Echinacea and other supplement mixes like Emergen-C etc. but nothing works as well as Zicam for me. That is why I recommend it. It really works! Other supplements are healthy for us but when I need to kick a cold I only want what is effective for that purpose.

      Thanks for your comments!

  3. Jill

    Hi Jessica, Will have to keep Zicam handy as it is usually at the least opportune times when one feels a cold coming on and if it can be stopped in its tracks, that is a great help.
    Over the years I have tried many things but never found one that worked quickly to actually stop the cold from developing.
    Must give these products a try.
    Thanks for the information.

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Hello Jill,

      Yes, I have tried many other products but none work so well for me as Zicam for a cold. The key is to start early and then keep it up. Many times I take just one or two doses of Zicam and feel all better. Then I stop taking it and the cold comes back!

      Thanks for stopping by. I hope it works for you,

  4. Carleigh Reynolds

    Hi Jessica,
    I have always heard of Zicam, but never knew what it was for. Also, I have never even heard of Lauricidin. The benefits from both of these are amazing. Also, thanks to reading your posts and the chats we have had, I’ve added more supplements to my daily routine. Your posts are so well laid out and extremely informative. Thank you.

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Thanks Carleigh,

      I have been using Zicam since I was a kid so I can definitely recommend it. It was only very recently that I figured out how beneficial the zinc is however and how much it helps me in other ways. It was so strange that I noticed my joints always felt better and I had less inflammation when I took Zicam for a cold. When I researched it I realized I was not imagining things since it is an anti-inflammatory and reduces allergy response!

      Thanks for stopping by,

  5. Steven Pidgeon

    I know Zinc really is a great thing when it comes to immunity and fighting off colds and flu. Maybe I’ll check out Zicam some time. It was really interesting what you said about your experience of the zinc reducing inflammation too. That’s a nice insight to have passed on.

    Thanks for sharing this,


    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Thanks Steven,

      For the longest time I thought it was odd but just a coincidence that my joints were better when I had a cold. It seemed totally counterintuitive. Then it just dawned on me it may be something I was taking that helped. I researched the zinc and sure enough, that was it! It felt like a real light bulb moment!

      The only catch is that zinc can be hard on the stomach so I make sure to eat a meal before I take it, then I am fine.


  6. Matron Okoye B.N

    Your post needs to be applauded!
    In all the writups, what really got me is this informative outline, where you said that ‘Cold can be caused by the rhinovirus which lives in the throat and nasal passages’. It’s really amazing to educative us through your post. Thanks very much. I will now be watchful.

    1. admin

      Thank you so much! I am glad you appreciate my post and found it educational. I hope to add many more such posts to this website in the future that pass on practical information on health and wellness. 


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