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Vitamin D For Coronavirus

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Vitamin D For Coronavirus

Should we take vitamin D to fight the COVID-19 coronavirus? We don’t know exactly what effect it would have due to lack of time for testing, but there are many benefits to taking vitamin D and most Americans have levels that are low especially in the winter months. Vitamin D is very important for our immune system and ability to stay healthy and fight off viruses. The World Health Organization has recognized that Vitamin D deficiency is common and increased levels of vitamin D may help safeguard against respiratory infections.  Vitamin D for Prevention of Respiratory Tract Infections. (1) There are several different ways vitamin D helps our immune system fight respiratory infections.

Vitamin D reduces the ACE2 enzyme which viruses like coronavirus use to gain access to our cells. This is the same method the SARS coronavirus used to gain access to our cells. I am not a doctor or medical professional but there are tons of studies that speak for themselves and I have had multiple doctors recommend vitamin D for myself and my family. SARS And the New Coronavirus Use the Same Lock to Break Into Cells. (2)

There is no testing finalized yet to show how much certain supplements can help with the new COVID 2019 coronavirus, however there is reference in February 2020 to a medical trial in China to examine the effect of Vitamin D on COVID-19 coronavirus patients. Impact of Vitamin D Deficiency on Prognosis of Patients With Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia (COVID-19). (3)

Can Vitamin D Kill Coronaviruses?

Vitamin D may not directly kill a virus like COVID-19 coronavirus but it can help strengthen our immune systems and may also prevent the coronavirus from attaching itself to our cells. Lack of vitamin D is speculated to cause or greatly contribute to the seasonal spread of colds and influenza. Every summer these viruses decline and every winter they pick up. Vitamin D is created by our bodies when our skin gets sunlight. In the northern latitudes where it is cold and darker in the winter months, Vitamin D deficiency is common. Many doctors now (including mine) prescribe Vitamin D or recommend their patients get it over the counter without a prescription. Many doctors now recognize how important Vitamin D is for overall health, immunity and fighting inflammation and pain.

Why Are We Low on Vitamin D and Other Vitamins?

Vitamin D is produced when our skin is exposed to sunlight. Vitamin D deficiency is common in the countries with low light in the winter such as the United States, Canada and the countries of Scandinavia. This is due to few hours of sunlight, cold temperatures which mean our bodies are covered up under clothing and not getting sunlight and the sun being low on the horizon.  This is the biggest reason for vitamin D deficiency.

We are low in many different vitamins and minerals in the United States and the western countries due to many other factors as well. Some of these are soil depletion due to industrial agricultural methods and monocropping (planting the same crop over and over so the soil gets depleted). Other causes include the time lapse from harvesting to shipping and storing produce, use of chemicals, stress and illnesses making us less able to absorb nutrients and more. A huge factor in nutrient deficiency is the vast consumption of processed foods that are stripped of nutrients. White flour, white sugar and many other staples of modern diets do not have any or many nutrients left. Fresh, whole produce is vital for getting enough vitamins and minerals and we often don’t eat enough. Even if we eat lots of fresh vegetables and fruits, the problems like soil depletion have left that produce with much less nutrition than a generation ago. We would have to eat much more produce to get the same vitamins and minerals that our parents or grandparents did.

To learn more about why we are often low on nutrients please see Why Do You Need Extra Vitamins and Minerals.

What Health Problems Are Associated With Low Levels of Vitamin D?

Low levels or deficiencies in vitamin D have been associated with many health problems (4) including:

  • Asthma
  • Alzheimers
  • Bipolar Disorder (5)
  • Cancer (4), (6)
  • Cardiovascular Disease (4)
  • Dementia
  • Depression
  • Diabetes (4), (7)
  • Inflammation
  • Influenza (8)
  • Multiple Sclerosis (4)
  • Pain
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis

What Kind of Vitamin D Should I Take?

There are many brands of Vitamin D available and it is one of the common supplements that can be found at most any health food store, grocery store or pharmacy. I prefer to order it online since it is more affordable that way and I don’t have to be limited to just a few brands. I take Nature’s Bounty brand in the 5,000 IU strength. There are many great brands however.  You can pick whichever one you prefer.

If you click on the link here you can see see more details about this product. This bottle has 240 capsules and just 1 tiny capsule has the full 5,000 IU and is a dose. The price is less than 6 cents per dose! I love that they are so easy to take. They are much smaller than most any other supplement and since they are liquid capsules they are absorbed better than dry pills.

Nature’s Bounty also has a similar capsule in a 2,000 IU strength.

Can You Overdose on Vitamin D?

It is possibly to get too much vitamin D but most Americans have levels that are too low (especially in the winter months) and really need it. If you follow the directions on the bottle of a reputable brand you will not have to worry about getting too much. In fact, people with specific health conditions like auto-immunity, are often told to take much higher doses than generally used because they need higher levels. I take a much higher dose. My regular doctors recommend doubling a standard dose when I am sick since extra D is needed to help get better. I am not a doctor and not recommending any particular dose for anyone else. See a doctor and ask what dose you should take if you have any concerns. For the vast majority of people following the dosage instructions on the package is very safe as the FDA guidelines for vitamins and minerals in the United States is highly conservative. One of the reasons many multi-vitamins are considered ineffective is because the doses are very low.

Super Anti-Viral Supplements Proven Effective Against Coronaviruses

There are many supplements that can help strengthen our immune systems and some that are shown to be effective against other coronaviruses like SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome). Natural supplements that work in a broad spectrum manner against many forms of viruses such as SARS, MERS, avian influenza and drug resistant bacteria like MRSA, are a good bet in my non-medical opinion to help against the COVID-19 coronavirus. Supplements like monolaurin weaken or kill viruses by breaking down the protective lipid coating that surrounds the virus. COVID-19 coronavirus has this same lipid coating as do SARS and other coronaviruses. If you would like to learn more about monolaurin and other supplements proven to work against coronaviruses or to try some yourself, please click here: Supplements for Coronavirus Protection.

Here is the supplement shown to work against SARS, avian influenza, drug resistant MRSA and many, many other viruses and bacteria.

Current Information on COVID-19

For the latest updates and official information about COVID-19, please visit the Centers For Disease Control website at


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I am not a doctor and this post does not give any medical advice. The information in this post is not to be used as medical advice and the author is not responsible for how this information is used. The statements here are the author’s own opinion. See a doctor before starting any treatment.

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  1. Judy

    Thanks for the Science News link about ACE2 allowing coronavirus to invade cells. Your other links to studies are also very informative. I appreciate the research in support of supplements and naturopathy. You have done a great job explaining it all.

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Thank you. I am glad you found this information useful.


  2. Thomas S.

    Thanks for the article.  I really didn’t realize the benefits of Vitamin D until I read this article.  I started a vitamin regimen because of it.  I’m on the computer all day and really don’t get any sun, so a supplement is a must for me.  Hopefully that can get this virus under control, but until that happens, I hope to taking a vitamin a day and making this a habit for the rent of my life!

    1. admin

      Hello Thomas,

      I am glad you are taking vitamin D if you are inside all day! You will likely need vitamin D if that is the case. I do! I take it anyway so I was glad to learn it could help protect me from the coronaviruses. 


  3. Gomer

    This was in my mind several days ago that maybe one of the reasons why people in China and other cold countries are weak or prone to Coronavirus infection is because of their weather. The Philippines and other hot countries have our share of the number of victims or people being suspected of having Coronavirus and right now are quarantined to a secluded place. But with the mortality rate, hot and sunny countries have lower mortality rate than countries having winter. So, perhaps there’s a truth that the lack of sunlight and Vitamin D has something to do with people being weak to this type of infection.

    So, being almost convinced of the relevance of Vitamin D in fighting Coronavirus infection, I’d like to know, can we take Vitamin D along with other vitamins like A & C? Will they not react with each other?

    1. admin


      Yes, you can take vitamin D along with other vitamins. I have never heard of a warning or contradiction and I have had multiple doctors recommend I take D. 

      Vitamin D can interact with certain prescription medications but I don’t know of any interaction with other vitamins. Think of all the multi-vitamins, they routinely have all these vitamins in one pill or capsule. The problem with multi-vitamins is that they are usually not strong enough to do much good. Cramming so many vitamins in one pill means we may not be getting enough of each one to do much good. We also get all the different vitamins together when we eat a balanced meal but once again it is hard to get enough of certain vitamins depending on your diet and location. 


  4. Stephanie

    As soon as I saw the tittle I knew I had to read this. A couple months ago my doctor told me I had a low deficiency of vitamin D – quite ironic since I live in a tropical island – so she prescribed some supplements to help me out with that and I’m so glad I got to read this article. It may not be a cure but as long as we can fight against this plague, I truly think it’s worth a try, at least for those who are struggling with their vitamin D deficiency. With the turns this virus has done, it may be something to consider. 

    1. admin

      Hello Stephanie,

      Vitamin D deficiency is very common. I am glad you found this article and it encouraged you to consider vitamin D to help fight the new coronavirus!


  5. Shanta Rahman

    First of all thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful article with us .The present day coronavirus is in severe form worldwide and many fatalities have occurred .Vitamin D is very important for our body and although it cannot kill the coronavirus directly, it helps strengthen our immune system. The sun is one of the sources of vitamin D .Everywhere in the world, the coronavirus is very epidemic, it is still very cold so the coronavirus is able to spread very fast. For Vitamin D I took Nature’s Bounty brand in the 5,000 IU supplement .And I would certainly like to thank you for providing such a wonderful research, as well as a preventive supplement link. 

    Lastly, I hope that by reading your article, everyone will know the importance of Vitamin D and will definitely share with you their new experience.

  6. Rodarrick

    At such a period in time, this is really great and I’m delighted you shared this. The spread of corona virus is getting worse by the day and only if one takes preventive measures against it can it be certain that one would scale through. This is very massive and I’m thankful you shared it here. If I can, I will try to share this out with people too. Also, the products shared are considerably cheap so it shouldn’t be difficult to get

    1. admin

      Thank you Rodarrick. I hope to help spread this information to help as many people as possible! I appreciate your help to do so!


  7. Enrique

    Hi, Jessica,

    I hadn’t heard of any relation between the coronavirus and a Vitamin D deficiency. So much has been said on the subject that we don’t know what to believe anymore. People are starting to panic, depleting supplies from the stores, and sharing tons of information online.

    Is there any other way to get our vitamins instead of capsules? I know exposing ourselves to sunlight plays a big role, but are there any foods recommended as well? I’m curious.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. admin

      Hello Enrique,

      The highest level of vitamin D you can get from food is from fatty fish such as wild salmon and tuna. The problem with that is the exposure to mercury. If you ate enough fish to get enough vitamin D (if you didn’t get sunlight) you might risk mercury poisoning. Salmon has the highest amount at about 1,000 IU in a serving of wild caught salmon. Farmed salmon has only 250 IU. In the winter we are often advised to take 5,000 IU vitamin D. My doctor recommends doubling the amount when we are sick. That would be 10,000 IU per day. Since I have auto-immune disorders and need more I take a much higher dose than that even. There is no way I could eat enough fish! Wild caught salmon is also very expensive and you would have to eat 4 times as much if you had farmed salmon. 

      That is why we take vitamin D supplements.


  8. David nelson

    Over the years one very necessary vitamin that I have always taken in constantly is vitamin D because at a certain time I had a very low level of it due to the fact I was depending on the sun,and as at that time we were in the winter season….So I had to start taking vitamin D supplements.

    For coronavirus, I think taking vitamin D would work as the best way to fight an internal problem is to smoke them out or render them powerless so that they can’t spread. Thanks a lot for sharing this awesome article I know it would be of help to the public as it has been of help to me.



    1. admin

      Hello David,

      I am glad you found this useful! I hope you stay healthy.


  9. Anthony Hu

    Thank you for your post. It is a timely article. Right now news is everywhere about coronavirus cases. Apparently the virus is in US. As of now there is no cure for this virus infection. I am looking for something that could enhance my immune system, but I never take time to do anything.

    Here comes your article. I am so happy to learn that there are so many agents that could enhance human’s immunity. It is time for me to take preventive measures. I am definitely going to take some vitamin D as supplement.

    I also see that you have a long list of agents that have the potential of killing the coronavirus. I bookmarked your page and will surely study them in detail.

    It is kind of you sharing this useful information with us. 

    1. admin

      Hello Anthony,

      I am glad you found this site and will bookmark it for future reference. Stay healthy!


  10. Tasmia Ferdous

    I really appreciate this article. Your post will inform everyone about coronavirus. And everyone will know about the effectiveness of taking vitamins.
    Vitamin D reduces the ACE2 enzyme that viruses use to gain access to our cells. I didn’t know this. Read your post and found out that Vitamin D reduces the ACE2 enzyme. Concerned about the coronavirus around the world, I hope your post will give everyone a little peace.
    This blog is very important. I want everyone to be aware of coronavirus and to know about vitamin D performance. So I will share this post via social.

  11. Parveen

    Hey, I enjoy and learn a lot while reading your guide and find it very useful for everyone. Now I know that Vitamin D is very helpful to our immune system. Vitamin D may not directly kill a virus like COVID-19 coronavirus but it can help strengthen our immune systems and may also prevent the coronavirus from attaching itself to our cells. Thanks I will try to spend sometime in sunlight from today. Thanks for sharing awesome update.

    1. admin

      Hello Perveen,

      Yes, vitamin D has many benefits, of which fighting COVID-19 is just one. It is interesting that vitamin D prevents the virus from entering our cells. 

      Thank you,


  12. Hamish58

    I had no idea until reading your post just how much goodness and value we derive from vitamin D. I can understand why you have chosen to use COVID 19 as you discussion vehicle but clearly this post is less about that and more about the general and beneficial effect that Vitamin D can give us in terms of our immune systems.

    In short this is information that is valuable no matter what the extant health or infection scenario might be. Thanks for the education


    1. admin

      Thank you Hamish,

      I am glad you appreciate the wide range of benefits Vitamin D has to offer!


  13. Taufique Ahmed

    Thanks for this article. Here you explain all the benefits of vitamin D.Really before reading this post I have little knowledge about Vitamin D.By reading this article I also believe that it may be helpful for remove covid19. Yes, I agree with you that this vitamin D helps to boost our immune and keep our body fit. This article is very informative. So I like to share it with my friends.
    Thanks again for such an awesome article

  14. Md. Asraful Islam

    Many thanks to you for writing such a health-conscious and knowledgeable article. Whenever a body lacks vitamins, it is at risk for attacks from various types of viruses. And I know that currently, the virus is a deadly virus. No medicine has been made yet so I need to be health-conscious.That’s why we need to take vitamin D to get rid of any kind of virus, including the coronavirus.

    I take vitamin D to meet my body’s vitamin needs. I took the Nature’s Bounty vitamin D3. After eating this vitamin D3, I am healthy now.

    Reading your article, I gain a lot of knowledge about the importance of Vitamin. So I decided to share this insightful article in my Facebook group.

  15. Rebecca

    Thanks for the article. I didn’t know that much about vitamin D and the benefits that it can give, but from reading your article and the other links I learn a lot. I live in New Zeland and we have 8 cases of the coronavirus so far. After reading your article I think it worth a try not only to help with the coronavirus but also help boots the vitamin D in our systems on days that we do not get the sun.


    1. admin

      Hello Rebecca, 

      I know many people here in Alaska take vitamin D since we don’t generally get enough sun in the winter months. Any location that has a long winter or where people don’t get enough sunlight may require vitamin D supplementation. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


  16. Julia

    Hi Jessica,
    Vitamin D is definitely great for boosting our immune system. We should remember this not only during this pandemic times. I prefer getting it from the sun, but living in Boston, there is definitely a deficiency of natural vitamin D during the winter. Therefore, we do take a supplement during the winter for years.

    It might be a little bit too late to start taking vitamin D now to strengthen the immune system for coronavirus fight.

    Thank you for educating people on the benefits of vitamin D.

    1. Jessica (Post author)

      Hi Julia,

      My doctor told me to double up on D when I am sick so I stick to that advice. Therefore, it would seem that it is not too late to start taking D now. I am glad to hear you take it already!
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting,

  17. Aimee

    I loved that you cited your sources and provided extensive detail as to what we (as consumers) can do to buy the product, educate and help ourselves to become better human beings. This is a lovely introductory page but very impacted with information instead of easily readable, smaller content. I appreciate the amount of detail and to what extent you went into research for this particular page. 

    1. admin

      Thank you Aimee. I want to be thorough and let people read the original sources so they feel confident they are getting good information. That is not always the most popular choice!



  18. Bai Asha

    Hello,Thank you for your post. It is a timely article. Right now news is everywhere about coronavirus cases. Apparently the virus is in US. As of now there is no cure for this virus infection. I am looking for something that could enhance my immune system, but I never take time to do anything. Yes, I agree with you that this vitamin D helps to boost our immune and keep our body fit.


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